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Important Tips To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Agricultural Land For Sale In Haryana

Posted by Admin on October, 12, 2021

The agricultural land for sale is primarily purchased and bought for farming-related activities. For a majority of people, purchasing a plot is the stepping stone to building a home. Henceforth, it is essential to review if the land has a transparent and marketable title so you don’t end up falling prey to legal problems. When buying agricultural land for sale in Haryana, you have to double-check and see that the land doesn’t hold any disputes, to enjoy a seamless registration process.

The procedure to buy land for the agricultural purpose might differ from one state to another. Here we have mentioned some of the legal documents which you must review before buying plots for agricultural purposes.

1) The Title Deed of the Property

It is important to go through the title deed of the plot as it contains the plot seller’s name and if they are legally permitted to sell the agricultural land. Get the submitted documents checked by a property attorney, to determine if the land seller can access another with the help of this property. Before registering the plot documents in case of more than one seller, you must always issue the certificate by the other concerned respondent.

2) Sale Agreement

After all the submitted documents have been verified, an agreement is drafted and signed by the lawyer, seller which includes the total property cost, the advance mode of payment, and the time when the land was purchased.

3) Stamp Duty on the Agricultural Land

The stamp duty is a government tax that differs from one state to another. The stamp duty payment is a legal document that the court accepts as evidence.

4) Registration of the Land

The registrar’s office records the signature of documents by both the seller and buyer, mentioning the property transfer in the name of the buyer within a period of 4 months from the document execution date. The documents that you need at the time of the registration are:
• House tax receipts
• Original title deed
• Past title deeds in the presence of two witnesses

5) Sale Deed

The sale deed is a document that transfers the seller's name to the buyer. You can come across the property’s ownership in this document followed by the property’s location and all other details including
• Information on the boundary
• Measurements of the area

6) Tax Receipts
The buyer must always seek the current property tax receipts. They can ask for this from the municipal office as well. Other things that a buyer should take care of are if the water bill is due, or the electricity bill is outstanding, etc.

7) Altering the Land Title

For the completion of the legal procedures, the new property owner’s name is added to the records maintained by the Village Office. You can write an application and attach it with a photocopy of the registered deed in the name of the village office.

8) Encumbrance Certificate

You can acquire this document from the sub-registrar’s office. This document is legal proof which states that and vouches for the land’s credibility and that it doesn’t hold any complaints or legal bindings.

9) Land Measurement

You can hire a reputable and prominent surveyor to get the land measured and checks the accuracy of its boundaries, to be able to vouch for everything mentioned in the title certificate.

To sum it up, before buying agricultural land for sale in Haryana, always remember to take help from a professional lawyer who wouldn’t only go through the previous land records but would also help you buy the land from a reliable and distinguished seller.

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